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Kristin Schjaerve Executive Assistant


I am a seasoned business partner with experience in multiple genres of business. There is more than one way to solve a problem, and I am here to help! I've worked as a personal and executive business partner. I am passionate about my work, and always looking for creative ways to be organized and productive, to efficiently meet demands.

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My Skills


Skilled in keeping you organized and efficient, so that you can accomplish more in less time.


The world is evolving, let's embrace it!


Knowledge sharing is power.


You drive, I'll navigate and together we'll move forward.

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My Story

I’m an SF Bay Area native that is now thriving in the Pacific Northwest. I am the youngest child of my parents, and after I discovered how to boil an egg and tell a joke, it was off into the world I went! This has assisted me in my abilities to be a self starter while working independently or with a team.

I love animals, travel, and exploring all the PNW has to offer, while continuing my education on how to be a better human.

I’ve worked with an array of humans in several genres of missions. With every encounter I have, no project is identical to the last. My experience has taught me how to be malleable and allow my skills to be transferable. I have over 20 years of experience in both personal and professional support.

What People Say

"Kristin is professional, well organized, and proactive in making all of her projects a success. She has worked in several different industries and she has made her skills seamlessly transferable. Additionally, she communicates exceptionally well, is efficient, friendly, and possesses a warm and engaging personality."

"Kristin's gift for leadership and mentorship + commitment to support, educating back, team growth and valuing the mental health of the team are true blessings. Working within a group of strong communicators while also valuing each member's voice and growth, yields high results as well as a rewarding job environment. I'd love to work together again."

"Professional, intelligent, independent, and knowledgeable. She has a wholesome sense of humor and is comfortable in interactions in the workplace. It is very important for me to have an intelligent assistant who is quick to understand, requires a minimum of guidance, and is good at problem solving. She does all this without difficulty. I can rely on her."

"Sets guidelines and standards for so many of our best tools, as well as being a resource for endless questions. Additionally she leads by example with discretion and grace. She has set and surpassed many milestones which are key to EA success. She set an excellent foundation for the EA Team to build on."


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